A Different Kind of Carapace

BEFORE A NADIRIAN COMES OF AGE to regenerate, their Memory Keeper transfers the Nadirian’s memory into their own brains for safekeeping. When regeneration is imminent, the Nadirian and Keeper swim to a nearby regeneration dome. Dozens of these domes are scattered throughout the deepest seas, concealed from humans with invisibility shields.

As they swim, the Nadirian torso (which they call a shellskin) detaches and metamorphoses into a body pod, similar to the carapace of a Leatherback sea turtle. These pods share many characteristics with the Leatherback. They can both dive as deep as 4,200 feet and stay underwater for an hour. Unlike most hard-shelled turtles, their carapaces are constructed of leathery skins and oily flesh and can grow up to seven feet long.

In Daystealer, we find Trinidad released from the undersea dome to resurface off the San Francisco shore. Although abandoned and alone, she’s ready to begin a new life and investigate why her brother with her memories is missing.

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