Cursed Carriers

THE FIRST HUMANS TRINIDAD MEETS are the Carriers–a small segment of people who carry a deadly disease but aren’t infected themselves.  The most notorious carrier in history might be Mary Mallone, now known as “Typhoid Mary.” Along with fifty other known carriers, she contracted the infectious disease, typhoid fever, but displayed no symptoms. In the wake of disease and death she and others spread, doctors quarantined her, isolating her for almost three decades. Today, humans with HIV could be considered asymptomatic carriers during the disease’s long latency.

On Trinidad’s Earth, the Carriers have been diagnosed with a deadlier disease they call the Virus that had killed three-fourths of the world’s population.  After tests determined the Carriers, quarantined tent cities were promptly constructed where Carriers and their families live in squalor. The filthy teenage boys Trinidad encounters on the San Francisco shore are Carriers who have escaped captivity and hide out under a deserted pier.

Little do they know that Trinidad is voracious for their Days.

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