the CIDES!

CREATING A NEW KIND OF MONSTER can be daunting, because there are so many wild and crazy creatures out there already. My bad guys had to be strangely similar to Nadirians but a little human, part machine/part biological, and armored with Nadirian Shellskins. And since this monster was my creation, I couldn’t find any one image that embodied my Cides (Citizens in Defense of Earth) which their creator calls BioCides. The image above is the closest I found to my idea of a Cide but with an added feature–Mechglyphs. You might ask, “Whatglyphs?” Short for mechanical glyphs–and I found such a thing in Tattooworld!

I stumbled on biomechanical tattoos while searching examples of bioglyphs and lunaglyphs. The tattoo rips skin back to expose mechanical innards. On the Cides, mechglyphs are placed where joints have been spliced and extended with machine implants. But they have one weakness. Naridians, with their super strength, can reach into a Cide’s throat through their mechglyph, grasp their spine, and kill the Cide. The creature quickly decays into mummy form and all implants calcify.


3 thoughts on “the CIDES!”

    1. Pronounced “sides” as in “biocide–a chemical substance or microorganism which can deter, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism.” In this case the deterrent is a life-sucking monster!

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