Glyphs and Such

BEING AN ENGLISH TEACHER, I enjoy language and particularly word forms. So when I ran across a ton of glyph words, I chose a few for Trinidad’s world. Petroglyphs, cave drawings from the Neolithic age, appear in the Bonestealer when Trinidad learns of her people’s ancient history. In Daystealer, the Crossbreeds discover how their ringlyphs, which symbolize important events in their extended lives, are actually anaglyphs, a word used to create pictures in three dimensions. Crossbreeds alone can see the 3D effect and can magically transfer the glyph to others to perform a supernatural connection, which we experience in Bonestealer. Mainly in Daystealer, I’ve emphasized the powerglyph, hieroglyphs on the back of Daystealers’ hands. These nameglyphs are symbols within a cartouche that represents their personality traits and changes color as their need for a Day grows.

I changed the meaning of some glyph words. A bioglyph is a trace fossil, but the Daystealers’ golden bioglyphs are coin-sized pictorials of nature or simple symbols. They are surrounded by an ouroboros and imprinted on chests like an Egyptian collar–their Lifecollars. When I couldn’t find what I needed, I created. Moon glyphs do exist but I wanted the Nightstealer to imprint lunaglyphs, which they wear anywhere on their body. The mix of scroll work or tribal styles shimmer with moonlight. Even the Cides have mechglyphs (taken from real-life biomechancial tattoos) that expose the mechanical parts of their bodies and supernaturally come alive.

I’ve used a smattering of other glyph words throughout Stealersagas with less importance than those I’ve shared. In fact, over twenty glyph words can be found here, but can you come up with glyph words of your own?

fringe glyphs

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