Novel Fashion

The idea for this fashion post came from the author of one of my favorite YA novels, Mortal Instruments. Cassandra Clare’s tumblr post–“Shadow Hunter’s Look Better in Black” brought to mind how I researched fashion for my own characters from the beginning–well, for all but Trinidad because she arrives in the first scene naked.

When I was a kid, my mom sewed my clothes and I made a few pieces myself. (Does anyone do that anymore?) A fun part of creating a fictional world (at least it’s fun for me) was to create the clothing my characters wore. I found many of my decisions came after establishing their personalities within the plot, but in some cases what they wore contributed to the plot and personality. For instance, one character had to hide his glyphs from Trinidad. He wore turtlenecks during a hot October, which made him even more mysterious to Trinidad. One character was the typical All-American boy and dressed a little beach-boy preppy. The human tended to wear little floral sundresses with matching bubble masks.

Creative choices came when searching for the Nightstealer and Bonestealer books where they travel outside the United States. There, they encounter the Nightstealers and humans in various cultures. The best way to show you some of my conceptions is with the gallery below. Can any of you see yourself in any of these fashion ditties?

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