Under the Dome

This week, I saw the pilot of the series Under the Dome, adapted from Stephen King’s novel about a city separated from the world within a mysterious dome. I have to admit I didn’t know about King’s novel, but when I saw the series preview a few months ago, I smiled. I’d already written the idea of Citydomes in my novel. My domes, though, separate and protect the Select from a Virus-threatened world.

When Trinidad awakes, she finds a strict caste system in place. Fifteen years before, the Virus spread around the world, leading nations to build more or less city-states. Each highly populated area is firmly established. The Carriers are quarantined in tent cities and the Cleans–those who aren’t infected but aren’t the elite–live in what is left of war-torn residential neighborhoods.

But the Select are protected in heavily guarded Citydomes, allowing only the Cleans into their sterile environment as slaves.

The idea of cities under a dome isn’t farfetched. In the past, Houston dallied with plans to protect their inner city with a 1,500-foot-high, one-mile-wide dome, but apparently nothing has come of it. This project, featured on Discovery Channel’s Mega Engineering in 2009, describes the construction of a lightweight geodesic dome that will protect the city from hurricanes and heat.

Too bad the structure can’t be twenty miles wide, like my Angel Dome in LA, where Trinidad is forced to play a life-or-death game in the Halo Ring–but that’s another blog.

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