Frisco Dome

In the Stealersaga novels, life under the dome for the Select reminds me of the new film scheduled for release on August 9, Elysium, or the Elysian Fields of Greek mythology. In the future, a serene space station circles Earth populated with people void of disease and cares. In the movie, Elysium is paradise and a ruined Earth, Hell.Similarly, Earth in Trinidad’s day is a heaven-purgatory-hell where humans exist separately as Select, Cleans, and Carriers, respectively. In Daystealer, Trinidad wakes in a Clean’s home then later escapes a Carrier ghetto, but in her first experience of a Citydome, she describes the Frisco Dome with stark similes.

To the east, smog gathered at the base of a Citydome five miles wide. The crystalline dome itself replicated our underwater shelter where we regenerate to start a new life, but this city reminded me of a shining skeleton: columned erections curved like bleached ribs, squat buildings stretched like femurs, copulas gleamed like polished skulls. I pointed to the city. “What’s that?”

Even though the sterile city promises life for the Select, Trinidad sees the buildings as symbols of death, a skeleton of doom. Little does she know that circumstances would lead her under a dome, within the false Elysium of Los Angeles, where she plays a medieval death game for her freedom.

If you were to describe your hometown, what similes would you use?

5 thoughts on “Frisco Dome”

  1. It is a great syfy concept of elite living under a dome while the rest of the world is kept out. In Under the Dome it seems that that concept is reverse, almost a survivor mode. Hope the script is up to it and the casting is good.
    Love the trailers on Elysium. Good casting and a seemingly good story line makes it look hopeful. Great visuals for idyllic Elysium.
    Paula I think your domes will be visually great,too. The massive size of them is impressive! The CIDEs guarding them are creepy.

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