Who’s your Memory Keeper?

memory lossSome people depend on others in your life to help them remember the important things–even their anniversary. For me, it’s my husband who has the memory of an elephant. (BTW, what kind of memory does an elephant have?) What if you could rely on someone else to keep your memories safe–every day of your life–for years, or decades, or in Trinidad’s case, multiple lives?

If you are a Nadirian, like Trinidad in my story Daystealer, you are one of a pair of male-female twins. If you are female, you both live until eighteen then you sleep (hibernate more or less) while your brother lives on for another forty years. At the end of the cycle, you trade places: rise from the sea, receive your brother’s memories, send him undersea to regenerate, and begin a new life. At the end of that life, you trade places–and memories. Your brother begins another life with your memories safely tucked away in his brain. Rarely do you as a Keeper access your brother’s stored memory, but you both share a childhood–memories you never transfer and never forget.

Trinidad awakes in Daystealer with her Memory Keeper missing. On her journey to find her brother, she restores some memories in various ways, but she can’t always choose the good times over the bad. Just like us, she lives with both the joys and scars from her past. We will never collect memories of several lives, and will surely not remember every day of this life, but we can choose what pictures to take, what words to write, what friendships to grow that will remind us of who we are when our memories are stolen.

Who in your life is your Memory Keeper(s)? And if you could choose, which memories would you have them save?

3 thoughts on “Who’s your Memory Keeper?”

  1. In a way, my siblings keep my memories too. Sitting around talking about our childhood filling in pieces forgotten by another, keeps those memories from fading away.

  2. Yeah, my husband is the memory keeper, though sometimes faulty, of the everyday stuff. As to other important memories, it would be my daughter. I share things we have done, things before she was born , my favorite childhood memories and important people, and life circumstances that have made an impact on my life. She is the ultimate deposite of my life. Soon maybe my grandson will be , too.

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