Thank Hoo Giveaway Winner

TA-DA-DA-DAAAAA (drum roll)


Kim won the $25 Fandango Gift Card Getaway!

Thank you, Kim, and all those followers of or who entered my one-day 4th of July celebration giveaway.

You made my baby websites’ birthday special–and it was fun to see all the entries.

And a special “THANK HOO” to Dianne Jones who made the most points

(although she didn’t win the prize). Maybe next time, huh?

Be watching for more contests and giveaways.

This was fun!

Published by: Paula Williams

Paula Williams is an English teacher whose experience with teenagers informs her work. When she's not reading and writing fantasy books, you might find her published in literary journals--including the acclaimed Del Sol Review--editing author manuscripts, teaching writing conferences, or tutoring disadvantaged kids in Oklahoma City.

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