Songs of the Character Kind

English: Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation)
English: Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do a Dutch symphonic metal/rock band, a Spanish songwriter/singer, a post-grunge Christian alternative rock band, and Mongolian throat singing all have in common? They are the inspirations for my characters in my current work-in-progress– Bonestealer.

I discovered Within Temptation several years ago while searching for songs about memories. Sharon den Adel of the gothic band from Norway sings Memories, which reminds me most of Trinidad. Sharon’s voice is haunting but can be surprisingly light and lyrical for her two-octave range of a mezzo-soprano. Their songs create a dark and heavy paranormal atmosphere I imagine throughout Bonestealer, the third novel of Stealersaga. Some of my favorites from Within Temptation are Aquarius, Sounds of Freedom, See Who I Am, The Promise...and much more.

Rick is a stalwart, all-American type of guy who might crone the soft tones of Enrique Inglesis in Hero, or sing Matthew West’s History, Coldplay’s Us Against the World, or Keep Me Breathing by Ashes Remain.

If the mysterious Saba were to sing, he’d be Linkin Park, pouring out his tortured soul in What I’ve Done, Skin to Bone, and Waiting for the End, Bravery’s Fistful of Sand, or Bittersweet, Apocalyptica. Nevis sounds like the post-grunge Red in Die for You, Confession, and Damage or Muse’s Save Me.

Mumford & Sons
Mumford & Sons (Photo credit: staceymk11

Some new artists I’ve discovered on my musical journey have been MS MR, Bones,  Julie Fowls of Touch the Sky, the Brave theme song,  Monsters of Men’s Your Bones, and Mumford and Sons, Ghosts That We Knew. But the most interesting sound I’ve rediscovered is the British alternative/trip hop/experimental band, Portishead. Their Hunter, Roads, and All Mine reveals the Bonestealer’s soul and obsessions.

What about you? What songs or bands remind you of fictitious characters you love–or love to hate?

Monsters of Men
Monsters of Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Portishead on Stage
Portishead on Stage (Photo credit: minifig)
Linkin Park
Linkin Park (Photo credit: …ven y siente el RUIDO !)

Published by: Paula Williams

Paula Williams is an English teacher whose experience with teenagers informs her work. When she's not reading and writing fantasy books, you might find her published in literary journals--including the acclaimed Del Sol Review--editing author manuscripts, teaching writing conferences, or tutoring disadvantaged kids in Oklahoma City.

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3 thoughts on “Songs of the Character Kind”

  1. Haven’t heard of Within Temptation, but just went and listened to them on iTunes, and I really like it. Might have to check them out more… thanks for sharing. Some of my recent new music finds and inspirations include Ellie Goulding, Cilla Jane and Dead Can Dance. Am going to check out the other bands you mentioned.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions I haven’t heard of either. Be sure to keep your mind open to Portishead and you might try a lyric sync program to appreciate the words. Would love to hear what you think of them and Red.

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