Forgive the Monster Within

zombie girlsI must be a die-hard zombie lover now. Last night I went to see World War Z for the second time and on a weeknight no less (unheard of for me) to watch a sea of zombies race around Brad Pitt “like a river around a stone.” Now that the vampire craze is on its way out, (or is it since the much beloved Vampire Academy is coming out next year) the zombies have risen from the grave and are taking over the world with the Romeo-and-Juliet-styled Warm Bodies and The (slow) Walking Dead. 

Ten years ago, three of my heart throbs (Pitt, Cruise, and Banderas) brought the best evil-vampire story in history to the big screen in Anne Rice’s  Interview with a Vampire. I never imagined then that falling in love with a “good” vampire and begging him to “turn” would become all the rage through Twilight. And back then zombies were just a black-and-white “B” movie to me, not the edge-of-your-seat survivalist plots we now enjoy.

falling-skies-201-1So the question is–what monster will we fall in love with next? Are the aliens invading, stealing the limelight from the other earth-bound supernatural creatures? Not unless we make them more human (like in Daystealer). The aliens of today are easy-to-kill monsters–insects from a threatening world like in Ender’s Game (to premier next year), or those who travel back in time to the wild, wild west in Cowboys and Aliens, or even the Overlords and Skitters in Falling Skies. It’s easy to kill the six-legged creatures and fish-heads of Falling Skies, but when a new alien arrives looking more like us and speaking our language, we readily accept him as a friend.

Even though I enjoy the zombies, werewolves, vampires, and aliens who seem to populate our fantasy world, the scariest monster is the one that looks like us. He’s harder to kill. If we can look in the mirror and forgive the monster in us, how difficult is it then to murder a power-greedy human like President Snow in Hunger Games or the soon-to-see Valentine, the evil Nephilim Shadowhunter in Mortal Instruments.

president snowThat’s precisely the reason I chose  to make the Daystealer supernatural beings mere minions to the wicked Bonestealer. And it’s also the reason it is difficult for Trinidad to kill someone who knows her past and who she once loved. Aren’t you a monster if you’ve loved a monster? But you may say, “Isn’t Trinidad a monster anyway? She’s a Daystealer–a supernatural being who steals time from humans? Aren’t all Daystealers monsters?”

After you read the book, you tell me.

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