Borrowed from Big Bang Theory

Disney Pocahontas and Flit
Disney Pocahontas and Flit

Pinocchio has his Jiminy Cricket, and Ariel, her Sebastian, but unlike Flit, Pocahontas’s little hummingbird, Trinidad’s Gem is a “bird of a different feather.” Her little friend, a bumblebee hummingbird that can fit into a thimble, vastly contrasts with the talking animated companions of Disney movies. Only Trinidad can hear Gem speak (for the most part) and is a biological automaton.

When I researched the term biological automaton, I found no such thing so thought it a perfect term for a fantastical being. An automaton is a self-operating machine or robot, whereas a biological entity is a living organism. Used in a sentence as a personality trait, someone can be as mechanical or apathetic as an automaton. This particular characteristic I found compelling, but he is more than Trinidad’s embodied conscience. He is the proverbial messenger who brings bad news and whispers warnings in Trinidad’s ear but with a “Sheldonesque” attitude borrowed from the Big Bang Theory.Sheldon of Big Bang Theory

How an entity can be both biological and robotic is the stuff of science fiction and fantasies. In Daystealer I never explain how Trinidad created Gem in a past life, for she herself doesn’t remember. However, she does recall a memory where pieces of Gem are strewn on a laboratory table. In other memories, we see Gem’s evolution from robot, to caged automaton, and finally to his present state–a freethinking, free-flying bird more biological than automated. To get an idea of who Gem is, here is an except from Daystealer:

I left with Gem chittering before me. “Taking Rick, a dreadful idea, taking Saba, a frightful idea”—he flicked his tongue toward Dom―“taking this guy, slightly above sucky.”

I chuckled at Gem. “Who programed your database?”

“My multifarious vocabulary, I got from Tota, but attitude, all you.”

Gem of Daystealer
Gem of Daystealer

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