2 Winning Bloggers: Congratulations No. 100/101

Fiverr has great designs
Best Little Design Secret on the Net

Congratulations queenzdesire.wordpress.com and theartistaslisalee.wordpress.com. One of you is my 100th WP follower since I officially started blogging on July 4, less than two months ago.  Actually, I’m not sure which of you is the 100th blogger. You both followed stealersaga.com on the same day.  So I’m offering both of you a $5.00 gig at Fiverr.com.

Fiverr.com is a site that has created about 10 book trailers, intros, or logo reveals for me. They are great people from all over the world, professionals that offer their services at a great, almost nothing, price. For example, on my welcome page I have a book trailer and tagline reveal I think are awesome, and every Friday, I feature videos that they’ve done on my blog. The most recent project that rokclonedesigns created is a vector logo. He met my every expectation after a couple of revisions he quickly delivered. I plan to order more logos from him and others soon. Check out my first vector logo below. I’m not sure this is my final logo, but it gives me a good idea of what this designer can do–and he produced exactly what I ordered.

Fiverr Vector logo
First Proposed Daystealer Vector Logo

Caution must be exercised when perusing this site and others like it. Some gigs are clearly a shortcut in marketing we should avoid. See The Fiverr Report Goes Live! related article below which reports on those self-published authors who have used similiar services to unethically further their careers.  But still, you’ll find fun, informative, or weird (if you’re into that) gigs where people hawk their services for just $5.00. See Learning the Value of a Fiverr for a positive experience. As for me, I’ve worked with nothing but positive, professional designers.

Published by: Paula Williams

Paula Williams is an English teacher whose experience with teenagers informs her work. When she's not reading and writing fantasy books, you might find her published in literary journals--including the acclaimed Del Sol Review--editing author manuscripts, teaching writing conferences, or tutoring disadvantaged kids in Oklahoma City.

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