31 Days of Halloween: Day 2 “The Nightmare Factory”

During my out-of-state move, I want to feature a few blogs I follow on WordPress. The BookPeople’s Blog is a blog from an Austin bookstore. They are a go-to place for book recommendations and resources. “The Nightmare Factory Bookclub” features books to read during the month of October.


Halloween Scary House

~post by Joe T.

Ahhhhh, Day 2 of our 31 Days of Halloween continues our exploration of The Nightmare Factory Bookclub. Meeting the third Tuesday of every month, we journey into the heart of terror. Yesterday we gave you the books we read from January through June and now we close out the list with June through December.

Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men? The Nightmare Factory knows!



The Missing by Sarah Langan

“A horror book that walked straight into the 21st century from 1985, The Missing is the prequel to Richard Matheson’s “last man on earth” novel I Am Legend that Stephen King never got around to writing. For anyone missing that certain charge that was gotten from the 80s horror boom, this is novel for you. Good stuff, I knocked it out in 2 days.”  (Joe)




Books of Blood…

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Paula Williams is an English teacher whose experience with teenagers informs her work. When she's not reading and writing fantasy books, you might find her published in literary journals--including the acclaimed Del Sol Review--editing author manuscripts, teaching writing conferences, or tutoring disadvantaged kids in Oklahoma City.

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