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As a young leader of the secret supernatural Nadirian race, TRINIDAD survives in a day-to-day existence on an Earth ravaged from death and disease. She implores the cunning Nightstealer, SABA, to join her to meet their nemesis. The repentant NEVIS claims to know the cure for the Nightstealers’ deadly disease. Saba, however, abandons her to kill Nevis himself but soon is on the run after escaping his execution in Mexico for crimes against Daystealers. Trinidad and Nevis discover Saba’s whereabouts from mystics who also divulge puzzling clues for an antidote to the fatal disease.

Joining forces, the three track down the ingredients for the cure, leading them from Peru into the Sea of Japan and high in the Himalayas. After Nevis reveals secret memories of a heartbreaking past, the truth of the disease comes out–the Nightstealers can only be cured with someone’s death. But who would sacrifice themselves to save a Nightstealer?

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