STEALERSAGA records the heroic exploits of a beautiful eighteen-year-old Daystealer who begins a new life without memories, meets a mysterious Nightstealer who straddles the fence between the past and future, and battles the alluring Bonestealer, the traitor with a diabolical plan for the humans who have survived a desolate Earth.

In DAYSTEALER Trinidad discovers a crippled Earth while she and her newfound companions travel across America to find her brother. In her travels, she uncovers memories of her past lives, memories lost with her brother, which lead her to question her own evil reality. NIGHTSTEALER begins at a death house where he and his people prepare to die. But soon they find hope when they come to Trinidad’s aid in ferreting out the true Bonestealer and his plans for humanity. Secrets are remembered and a dream realized as light shines on the Nightstealer’s inescapable past and possible legacy. The BONESTEALER hounds Trinidad, now a fugitive, across Eastern Europe to the seat of civilization. After Trinidad solves the Bonestealer’s identity, she uncovers an even greater threat to her people and humanity. She has no choice but to bring the Bonestealer to a final justice–even though it breaks her heart to do it.
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  1. Any updates on the publishing journey? What’s the best platform to reach you? I see you’re pretty active on twitter ๐Ÿ™‚ I did a search on for your name and books, but didn’t find anything yet, hopefully soon I’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work ๐Ÿ™‚

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